Contact lenses

Contact lenses

An affordable alternative to wearing spectacles
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Contact lenses

Modern contact lenses are miracles of technology and most people who wear spectacles have the option to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses offer clear vision, comfort and convenience. To assess your suitability for contact lens wear you will need a contact lens consultation with one of our qualified opticians. This will include: Assessment of current health and suitability of the eye to wear contact lenses; Discussion of suitability & types of contact lenses available; Lens Selection; Trial period with selected lens and assessment of vision; One to one tuition on insertion and removal of contact lenses; Individually tailored aftercare programme

Soft daily disposable

A soft contact lens, perfect for occasional and full time wear. No cleaning or solutions required. Easy to use.

Soft monthly disposable

The monthly option combines everyday wear at very affordable prices – excellent value. Wide range of prescriptions available.

Toric contact lenses

Soft contact lenses to correct astigmatism now available as 1 day and monthly options.

Cosmetic Colours

To change and enhance your natural eye colour. Just what you need to provide a new look or just to create an impact.

Multifocal contact lenses

Frequent replacement soft contact lenses that correct presbyopia, reducing the need for bifocal or reading glasses. Daily and monthly options are available.

Gas permeable

Gas permeable contact lenses are tailor made from advanced rigid materials that allow oxygen to flow through their structure. These contact lenses allow the correction of a wide range of prescriptions and are available in single vision and multifocal designs.


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