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Choosing the right spectacle lenses for your prescription and the most suitable frame are important decisions which will produce the best look and performance of your spectacles. At Owen Aves our qualified dispensing opticians will advise you of the options and answer your questions. As independent opticians we supply lenses only from reputable brands such as Rodenstock, Nikon , Essilor, Seiko and Transitions.

Single vision lenses

Single vision lenses have one focal power across the whole lens. Single vision lenses offer the widest field of view for specific tasks such as driving, using digital devices, reading music or sewing.

Bifocal lenses

Bifocal lenses have two focal powers and are essentially two lenses joined together. Usually the top of the lens provides distance focus and the lower segment provides near focus. However, any combination is possible.

Varifocal lenses

Varifocal lenses offer clear vision at all distances without a visible dividing line. Our dispensing opticians will advise you of the most suitable lens for your particular needs and your budget.

Office & occupational lenses

These are a specially adapted varifocal design most suitable for the office, music and DIY. They offer a wide intermediate area but are not suitable for driving.

High index lenses

High index refers to the material optical density and allows the lens to be thinner and lighter than the standard index materials. This will improve the comfort and cosmetic appearance of spectacles, especially for those with higher prescriptions.

Anti-reflective lenses

A micro coating applied to the lens allows light to pass through more easily, helps eliminate reflections, ghost images and glare. These lenses are particularly helpful for driving and using computer screens.

Photochromatic lenses

Photochromatic lenses react to ultraviolet light to darken in sunlight and clear when indoors. They are available as varifocals, bifocals and single vision.

Polarised lenses

Polarised lenses are effective for sun protection by eliminating troublesome reflections from horizontal surfaces such as water and wet roads. They are very helpful to drivers, anglers and sailors.


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